Feb 012016

While David is recuperating from leg surgery (it takes a while for the spells and charms to work), look for a series of special guest performers at The Magic Cabaret!

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Dec 232015

Great news: The Magic Cabaret has been renewed for the entirety of 2016! The show will take a brief hiatus for the first week of January, but we will resume our regular Wednesday-night schedule on January 13!  Tickets for 2016 are on sale now!

TMC 2016


Oct 142015

A theater reviewer from Newcity Stage visited The Magic Cabaret last week, and he wrote a marvelous review of his experience. Favorite quotes: “There were moments of improvisational surprise more real and funny than anything one might find at Second City” and “the act delivers expertise without pretension, producing the kind of direct and involving experience that all theater ensembles wish for, but few attain.” You can read the full review at the Newcity site.


Aug 082015

The Magic Cabaret will be dark on Wednesday, August 12, while David is at a big magic conference in Las Vegas. But fear not, because tickets are already available for when the show resumes its regular schedule on August 19! We’ll see you then!


May 312015

The Magic Cabaret will be on a brief hiatus for the first two weeks of June. But mark June 17 on your calendar, because that’s when The Magic Cabaret begins the start of its Summer Season, with shows on Wednesday nights at 8pm! Come see Joe perform a Houdini-esque escape! Discover a book of poems that made David the strange individual he is today! And together, Joe and David will present a baffling little illusion that caused quite a sensation at the Bartholomew Fair in 1726! You’ll find out what the hubbub was all about when you visit The Magic Cabaret!

june 17

Mar 292015

Our April Fools Day show is SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone who purchased advance tickets!

On Wednesday, April 1, we’ll celebrate the fun of fooling and being fooled! Back in olden times, during the Feast of Fools, the rules of the everyday world were turned upside down. At The Magic Cabaret, we continue that tradition, defying the laws of physics and making the impossible possible! And you can be part of the fun! Get tickets now!

Feb 032015

The Magic Cabaret was featured in the Arts & Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Big thanks to Rick Kogan for his appreciation of the art of magic, and to Beth Rooney for photographing the show! In case you missed the print edition of the article, here’s a link to the online version:

“The Magic Cabaret’s success is no trick!”

Trib 2-1-15a


Dec 292014

The Magic Cabaret’s final show of the year —December 31, 2014 — is officially SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets! We’re looking forward to a great evening of magic, mystery and mischief. Tickets are now available for dates in 2015! See you soon!

Get tickets here!

tmc ticket 2014

Dec 242014

The Greenhouse Theater Center will be dark on December 24, so The Magic Cabaret will be closed this week. But we have some great news: The Magic Cabaret has been renewed for 2015! Join us for more magic, mystery and mischief in the new year! Tickets are on sale now!


Oct 202014

Have you seen The Magic Cabaret lately? We’ve been having Halloween fun all October long. Drop by and say hi! You might even meet this little guy: